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About us
From about forty years we produce extra virgin olive oil, we started in 1964 with an old mill, since then we have constantly developed and improved.

The old mill
The name of our company comes from the country in which he is born Auletta, a small town in the province of Salerno, rich in olive groves.

Some scholars attest that the name derives from a Auletta from Latin olea/oliva (olive) and then Auletta.
That convinces if you bear in mind that Horace and Ovid used the term 'OLIBA' to indicate the olive branch, and that heading, after various influences of local dialect, was transformed into 'Olibola' , And then 'Olivola' then 'Avuletta' and then 'Auletta'.

The name 'Olibola' appears in various documents: in 1095 for the first time becomes aware of the name of the country and the existence of a church dedicated to St. Peter in notarial with whom William Count of Principality gives to the Church St. Peter Apostle a land 'quae located east on the spot here dicitur Olivola', with the act of notary Roberto da Eboli, August 31, 1095 Nicola Conte of Principality son of William Lord of Auletta, confirms the donations made by his father.
Olearia Aulettese di Pucciarelli Antonio & Figli s.n.c.,
Contrada Vagni n° 6, 84031 Auletta - Salerno - Italy, Partita IVA: 00669360653
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